Thursday, July 11, 2013

Point, Shoot, and Pray/spray... 4 Tips to Better Photos on Purpose...

Whether you are taking photos of your kids' sports events, parties, or on a family vacation, there is an easier way to get great photos than taking hundreds of pictures on 'auto' hoping to get a couple of good ones.

I think almost everyone starts out using the PSP/S (Point, Shoot, Pray/Spray) Method...

There is so much going on, so we just start clicking in the hope that we get something we like - sometimes we do, and sometimes we don't. Here is how to get better photos - ON Purpose - 

Tip #1: Think about what it is you want to get - say it's a birthday party - what photos do you see from others that you like most? We want to get that HUGE smile or look of surprise when they open the favorite gift - or the moment of blowing out the candles...

            As you think about what it is you want, look through your lens before the moment, figure out where your subject will be, and take a few pictures to check the light, angle, etc. review them, and see if you like how they turn out. If not, try a different angle, or a different light setting.

Tip #2: Pay attention to your background - if there is a mirror, or an object that will obstruct the view of your subject - try moving. Again, take some test shots before the moment you want and see how they look. Look at your framing, remember the rule of thirds, and check your background :) 

Tip #3: Get close...then get closer (From a Digital Photo Pro article several years ago). Photos most often look better when they are a little closer. Of course most people don't want an EXTREME closeup, so don't get up the nose, but fill the frame with what you are trying to capture. 

Tip #4: Be Patient, and talk to your subject (if possible - sports events make this difficult)
With kids especially, talk to them ask them questions - silly questions are good - like if you were a piece of candy what would you be? Or have them look at something and tell you about it - 

Bonus Tips - DONT'S: 
Don't put your subject dead center and zoomed out - your pictures will turn out much better if you follow these tips. 
Don't show people the fail photos! Only keep the best ones. The ones that make you laugh, or go awww!

~Capturing The Moment~

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