Monday, July 1, 2013

Overcoming Fears...Moving Forward - Just keep swimming...

Seeing the amazing photos and expensive cameras of folks like +Nicholas Pappagallo Jr or +Melissa Jill  can cause me to spiral down the road of “I’m-never-gonna-be-as-good-as-them trip, leaving me paralyzed and afraid.

I find myself leaving my camera at home, or not taking pics in the group, because I am not as good as others are.

Well, there is no end to this rabbit hole, because I will always find flaw in my own work, and see others that I admire.

I think the trick is to take that admiration and learn from it. Hang out with as many photographers that are more experienced than me, produce better photos than me, and ask questions.

One way to improve my talent, I have heard, is to allow and ask for criticism. The experts say, don’t be attached to your photos –

here is what I am afraid of…it’s not that I have a big ego. I am afraid that people will give me so much negative feedback that it will mean I have no business being in photography (the funny part is, I have no problems with this when taking Photography Classes...)

Now, I know that’s ridiculous – I produce good quality photographs. I also know I can use some improvement. This is what fear does to us. It paralyzes us, causing us to keep from going forward, and we stop before we make that next step.

I am not stopping! 

I am moving ahead.

I am taking my camera everywhere, regardless of what other people have. I will ask at least three people this week if I can take their photo. I will post at least one photo on a critique board this week (AAACK! Am I really saying this?).

I saw this today...
it's what prompted me to write about fear

I will post again what I learned from this experiment!
What scares you? What are you willing to do to get over it?

~Capturing The Moment~

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P.S. Phaedra's Pic of the Day was taken at the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona

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