Friday, August 16, 2013

Foto Friday! Best Photo Place of the Week...

We photographers spend a lot of time looking for "The best places to take photos." 

We stop in the middle of the road when we see something interesting, even when our kids and husband are like - "we're hungry, we want to go home..." what's another hour? 

We Google, map, ask, and inquire about it.

There are ENTIRE websites, communities and blogs dedicated to finding it...Places to see before you die, amazing travel destinations, etc. 

here's the kicker:

It never seems to be close to me, or somewhere a client wishes to go...apparently a 2 hour drive on a dirt road and a 3 mile hike is too far for family portraits (lol)...

This never-ending quest is why I originally named this blog Best Photo Places. I was looking for great locations for shoots...

Now, it's my weekly Friday feature.

Most of the time, we have to make do, and we forget how easy it is to find a great location.

Best Place of the Week is...

A little place under a bridge near Queen Creek, AZ. I found this driving home (as I said, we stop at random times when we see interesting stuff), then later did a fashion shoot there right before sunset during golden hour, and it turned out to be an ideal location!

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