Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Premier Party - The Wrong Method Movie

I have no idea why I never thought to throw a party like this before! I am so proud of my 17 year old daughter, Kiersten.  After getting a part in a movie that a friend was directing, Kiersten was so excited. When they came to our house to film a couple of scenes, I had the idea of throwing the premier party at our house.

Kiersten spent the entire night before and early morning preparing – making posters, balloons, cleaning and decorating.
The party is at 11 am on Saturday…tomorrow – now it’s Friday, and I am wondering if I am going to get everything done – I need to get her dress cleaned, pick up snacks, and I need to invest in that cheap lighting set up that Bill suggested at our last photography meeting – a ladder and shop light. Plus, I have not been able to find a suit for my son – I remind myself to breathe…
So here I am, organizing my day when I get a text from my husband, Nevin – the motorcycle needs a tire…another time consuming errand – Great! So I call my Mother In Law, Hope, arrange rides, get ready, and leave to go take care of the motorcycle. I am on my way when I realize – CRAP! I FORGOT THE DRESS…Oh, no – I can’t have forgotten it. Maybe I can go back for it – then take it to the cleaner. Wait, no… I need it by 10 am. Starting to panic! What can I do?

I text my friend Kat, and she saves my life by taking the dress for me – I have awesome friends. I love how amazing my life, my family, and my friends are.

Kiersten on the Red Carpet
Cassidy and Brittney on the
Red Carpet
Fast forward to Saturday…it’s 9 am, and we are still cleaning and decorating, by 10 we still need to go get the dress, and Nevin is picking up the ladder, shop light, and Kyler (my son’s) suit – is this going to happen? Will we be ready?

I am stressing out – breathe – we get the dress at 10:45, Kiersten gets dressed - she is so beautiful! People show up, and we are ready to go. Just waiting on Cassidy (my other daughter)…She is finally ready, and like her sister, she is gorgeous! My daughters are so amazing. I am so proud!

Finally, everyone is here, and the house is done! As the stars arrive, they walk the Red carpet into the party

 Inside, We set up a pseudo-studio in our hallway with a black sheet for a background and a ladder to hold it shop light with

After shooting portraits  we watch the movie; the cast presents the director with an award, and the party is over! What a great time we had. I am definitely doing this more!

This is the most fun I have had so far with taking pictures - especially portraiture. Lighting, posting and portraiture are my most challenging aspects of photography.

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  1. These pictures are gorgeous! That is an awesome idea with the premier party as well!



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