Thursday, November 15, 2012

Expressing The Beauty...

This week, I had the privilege of working with the amazing women at SHE MD.

They hired me to come out and take their office photos and doctor headshots.

I had an amazing time getting to photograph the beautiful, charming, and fun Dr.’s Wickman and Chavez, two of the sexual health experts over at the SHE MD offices, where they help women and specialize in sexuality.

This particular photo shoot was for a magazine spread featuring the doctors as heroes who empower women; and the hero in them definitely shined through in the photographs I took. I was so happy that I had had the distinct pleasure of working with them..

While setting up for the photos, we spoke about the article, what they did, and what Excited them. The supervisor, Dr. Mudick, asked that the pictures be warm and professional. By doing an informal ‘interview’ while setting up, it helped me get to know my subjects, while putting them at ease. Their warmth and joy showed up, and I was able to capture it. People think it’s me (although I do have a good eye and training with a camera), it’s really about capturing them – their personality, the image they want to portray, and how they want people to feel when they see their picture. When people speak about what is important to them, the best in them shows up. Then, my job is to capture that on camera. By the end of the shoot, they were more than just subjects. We felt like friends.

On Monday, after I completed the headshots on the previous Friday, Dr. Mudick called me and requested that I come back to the office to take photos of the striking and beautiful environment they have created to work in. SHE MD has designed an environment where clients can feel comfortable, catered to, and pampered in. Words are insufficient to describe the beauty and detail of the office.  

When I walked in, the colors of the ocean and the sky enveloped me in a sea of contrast with blues and greens along with a striking contrast with white, glass, and mirrors in the background. 

As I walked through the halls, I couldn't help but notice the curvature of the walls that mimics the beauty of the female body. The evidence of thought that went into every element is prominent ...the flowers, the detailed vases, the statues that I passed. No corner was left blank, but no space felt wasted. The sunlight spilled in, lighting up the area and making the space feel bright, open, and warm.

Each room in the office is professional and warm, where clients are welcomed by the beauty of the rooms, and the walls adorned with gorgeous artwork.

What they wanted from me was to be able to capture these amazing details, and convey the mood and beauty of the office. This was a challenging, but fun assignment, and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

I hope to continue working with the offices of SHE MD, and the staff there. I had such an amazing time, and I succeeded in creating the image that they wanted.

~Capturing The Moment~

Essential Journeys Photography

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