Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Under The Bridge...

As I delve further into this world of photography, I get more scared by the day – (can I really do this?) seems to be a dominating thought running my mind – or more like – “what am I thinking?? I can’t do this!!”

Then once I look at my photos after editing and posting them… I feel proud. When I share them, the best part is when others like them. I would definitely define this process as out of my comfort zone!

I took these photos of my daughters and their friend after a movie party we threw at our house. It was a ‘Black Tie’ event, so everyone was dressed up. I asked who would go with me to take photos outside a few miles away near the railroad tracks and bridge.

We waited until ‘golden hour’ and drove over. First, we found the concrete tube with rebar sticking out, and I thought what a great background for formal dresses.

 I have been looking for a long time for such a background and opportunity with my beautiful subjects. I am still looking for a dark, dilapidated area as a background, but that will come later.

After the concrete, we decided on the bridge nearby – I parked and as it turned out, kind of far away, so the girls had to hike about 100 yards to where the sun was hitting the pillars under the bridge. This made for a beautiful setting. Next time I will make sure they have tennis shoes with them!

Pictures were taken in Queen Creek, AZ. The concrete tube is just off of Cloud on the east side of Rittenhouse. The bridge is just south of that – right across from the turn off for Cloud Street. We parked on the East side and walked down under the bridge.

~Capturing The Moment~

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