Friday, July 12, 2013

Photo Friday - Best Photo Place *Plus* 2 ways to Break out of a Creative Rut

Happy Friday! It’s The end of the week, and time to highlight a Best Photo Place –
Around the Neighborhood…and a good way to get out of a creative rut...

Next week I am really hoping for some extra participation and having others post their favorite places they have visited or taken photos!

One of the best photo places I have found to take photos is around the neighborhood – there are a couple of ways I like to do this (both I found on

One: take a walk in your neighborhood - either by yourself or with a friend/kids...stop at random times and take a picture of something - even if it seems like there is nothing to photograph, change your perspective, get close up, get creative. If you are with someone, have them stop you at random times - this method is awesome.

Grass Growing
over a curb

The second way to do this is very similar, and it's called 10 minutes from home:

Take a trip: walking (is best, but if it's not practical drive or boat, jetski, or whatever you preferred form of transportation is)... set a timer, then stop and take pictures wherever you are at. Again, play with it, change perspective, get down low, hold your camera up high, etc.

You can get some really nice abstracts this way!
Taken at Gilbert Riparian Preserve
Gilbert, AZ

~Capturing The Moment~

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