Saturday, July 13, 2013

Day 30...Here is what I have Learned and accomplished so far...

 I don't think I have ever done something every day for 30 days other than eat.
Some of my favorite pics from the month  are spread out through this blog!

As you may know, I have taken on a 30 day blogging challenge! As I enter my last day of daily blogging  every day, I am reflecting on all the days I thought - what the heck am I going to say today?? And, what am I going to do when it's over?

I would like to especially thank +Melissa Jill photography for the inspiration -

I had no idea how much this exercise would benefit me and expand my world! This has been amazing!

So far, I have learned how to enter code into my website to create a g+ button and a Facebook 'Like' button, I have learned more about Google+, Entered my photos into a challenge/contest, requested feedback, and learned how to create Google Communities (I will be doing it later this keep your eyes out)
I have "met" new people +Terry S+Brandy Saldana, +Deidre McMillan  and engaged with many on Google+!

I have compared Google to Facebook, shared about photo shoots, events, my favorite places, my family, and my business.

So, this completes my goal of writing a blog every day for thirty days - here is my link to 101 goals in 1001 days!

Final Images:
Image 1 my blog views on June 16 (two days after I began this challenge... and the day I hit 1000 views - in about 7 months...

Thank you for coming with me on this journey!!! I will be blogging a few times a week (after I take this week off)...

~Capturing The Moment~

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