Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sunburned, Exhausted, and Coming Home

We drove out on Monday morning, checked in to the hotel, had our photo shoot at Redondo Beach, then played in the water until evening - amazing time! went back to the hotel, showered, drove to Santa Monica Pier and played around there until about midnight.

Tuesday morning, exhausted and bleary-eyed we woke up, went for coffee, then took everyone over to Santa Monica - It was a hazy, foggy morning. Did the photo shoot with +Kyler Culley , then watched everyone play in the waves, having a great time.


THEN, the trip home - sunburned, exhausted, and leaving with a great memory - we drove 7 hours home, arriving about 9 o'clock - 

Our stop at Starbucks -
how we stayed awake for the drive home!

What an amazing couple of days - definitely looking forward to doing this again!


~Capturing The Moment~

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