Thursday, June 20, 2013

What's My Secret…to success? Hopefully I am figuring it out...

My Secret…to success (I hope) 

As I mentioned previously, I attended a talk/workshop with Melissa Jill @ Melissa Jill Photography – on how to develop a loyal blog following – the first thing I have taken on (that she suggested) is blogging every day for 30 days –

So far, I am on day 7 – and it’s going great!
The other day, I posted on Facebook about how my blog was growing – I finally hit my 1,000 page view mark – Now, I know it doesn’t mean much in the actual world of statistics, but seeing that image of my page views was certainly INTOXICATING! I was so excited, and shared my achievement all over Facebook, Google+, etc.

Since then, I have had a few people ask me – “What’s your secret?”
"Secret??" Do I have one? Am I qualified to share 'my secret?' Well, I figure, if it's asked, I will do my best to answer, and we can grow together!

I thought about it for a moment, and I have to say, it’s a combination – I try to be myself, post my best stuff, and share as much as possible - I think my biggest contributor is Google+ -

One friend said – “I have been ignoring G+, maybe I should pay attention to it.”
Yes – you should pay attention to Google plus – it’s a great platform for learning new things, connecting to new people and getting yourself out there!
Photo by: Glenn Mire
@ Mire Images Photography

Although my business and blog are in the infant stages, I am growing every day – hopefully one day to be at least as successful as some of my ‘Heroes’ like +Melissa Jill+Mark Traphagen+Nicholas Pappagallo Jr 

Another secret I have found to gaining pageviews – following other blogs that interest me, and relate to photography, like style and fashion blogs, such as +Rusevska Anita  at My world-Mojot svet+Brandy Saldana  at Will Bake for Shoes, +Deidre McMillan  Frugal Flirty N Fab!other photography blogs - like +Melissa Jill and business growth blogs - however, not just following – ‘liking,’ sharing, and ‘+1’-ing other people’s stuff. I find that people add me when I comment on their stuff. So, I look for what I like, and make as many positive comments as possible. When I find someone who is inspiring and engaging, I add them to my circles as someone I follow - 

The previous image was from Thursday, June 13 – the previous morning, my views were at 863 – now it’s a week later –

Look at me, I am at over 1500!!

As I continue to grow my blog – and share what is working for me – I hope to inspire you and reach my next goal for this blog -  to gain more actual followers – when I achieve it, I will share with you how I did it!
If you have a “secret to success” – please share in the comments!!

If you like my photography or what I have to say, please 'follow' me, 'share' me, 'like' me and +1 me!!

~Capturing The Moment~
              ~Phaedra to see more of my photos!

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