Sunday, January 13, 2013

An Abandoned Warehouse

There is this amazing abandoned warehouse in San Tan Valley, Arizona. I see it almost every time I drive home and think, I really want to do a photo shoot there! 
So, I did. I asked my daughter to put on a little grungy makeup, and join me in a photo shoot at the abandoned building...and she agreed - 
It's funny how I always feel like I am chasing sunsets! By the time we got there, we had only a little of the "Golden Hour" left...

So we got there just before the light was gone, and started on the west side of the outside of the building. The golden light of the sun shining on the building made for perfect lighting.

During the shoot, I had her think of several things - times when she is really mad at me, the girl with the broken dreams, knowing that she would have to live here in despair...and I may be grungy, but I am beautiful!

While shooting, we had the distinct pleasure of listening to live music by +Greeley Estates  as they filmed a video. I really wanted to get many more shots of the band, but we were losing light so fast, I knew I wouldn't be able to take the extra time...
I also wanted to make sure I got the grunge shots I came for. I completely enjoyed the opportunity to work with my daughter, +Kiersten Culley  in a new setting, hang out with my husband, +Nevin Culley  and all while listening to live music - even if it is scream-o.

I plan on doing many more shoots here - there is just so much visual interest!!

Today was a good day!

~Capturing The Moment~

Phaedra Culley
Essential Journeys Photography

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