Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Daily -It's called a CHALLENGE for a reason

EVERY Day? Does Daily REALLY mean EVERY Single day??

31 Day Photo a Day Challenge:
Day #12...

Yes. Yes, it does...and Yes, it's called a challenge for a reason. When I started this, I thought  - Fine, I will do it - it might be kind of a pain at times, but for 30 days, I can easily take 1 picture every day - WOW...I had NO IDEA How challenging this was actually going to be!

First, I need to come up with an idea - or allow one to present itself - I have sooo many excuses! I am tired, I am too busy, I forgot, and I don't have any light left in the day!

So, I begin to think...where else do I use these excuses? It's amazing how easy it is to allow excuses and reasons to run our life, rather than Passion, Vitality, Love, and Commitment! 30 days isn't even that big of a commitment, yet - I put it off each day nevertheless - working out, going somewhere new, going to an event I said I wanted to go to -

So, what can we accomplish if we stop allowing our excuse to be our driving force? Let's see!

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