Sunday, January 27, 2013

Resuming The Challenge

After Two Weeks out being sick, I am finally resuming the 31 day Photo-A-Day Challenge!

Today, my husband, +Nevin Culley and I went to lunch and ran errands. I found a small patch of grass in a puddle of water that caught my eye.

As I am recovering, I try to make fresh juice every day - I call this Recovery Juice -
Fresh apples, carrots, lemons and ginger...

Soo Yummy and feels good on my raw throat that still refuses to produce enough sound for me to have a voice...

Along with juice, I am drinking tea each day...this seems like a great time to begin a new cleanse.

I think I will, but only after some delicious chips, salsa, and fajitas!

For lunch today, we enjoyed guacamole, chips, fajitas, iced tea, and great companionship!

I didn't take this today, but the other day, I was playing around with pouring liquids while taking pictures...the best photo of that day turned out to be a spill on the table -

Enjoy your day!

~Capturing The Moment~

Phaedra Culley,

Essential Journeys Photography

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