Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Chasing Sunsets...

I LOVE Sunsets!

I rarely get the opportunity to get the best ones, and most photographers know - golden hour is the best; however, it's really a challenge to get the right photo at the right time!

Therefore, I feel like I am always chasing Sunsets. Last week I had one success, and one failure, but both photos turned out great.

The first one was a chance happening -
There I am - riding in the passenger seat of my car of course with my camera since I am doing a 31 day photo a day challenge...when out of the driver's seat window, I see two hot air balloons...

I get my camera and find that I have forgotten THE most important lens for this - my ZOOM!! Oh, NOOOOO - I am not going to get this shot! All I have is my 50 mm portrait lens - I try the pic, and the balloons show as two dots in the sky - the sunset is rapidly approaching.

Just as I am about to give up, I notice they are coming our direction, and we are driving in theirs - they are getting closer...but it's so close to our dinner date, and I don't want to make us late. Then ... One lands in a field where we are stopped at a red light - on the other side of the street, so I sit in the window to try and grab the photo - no good.

My AMAZING husband, +Nevin Culley asks me - do you want to stop? Heck yes - so he pulls a u-turn and stops on the side of the road. I jump out, and at this point, afraid they are already taking the balloon down... The angle is wrong, the sun is in my way - so I kick off my boots and go running through the field - it's muddy...VERY muddy - at this point I am just praying I don't slip and fall (going to dinner all muddy would be embarrassing)! I get to the balloon and the sun is setting, peeking through the space between the balloon and Gondola - PERFECT! I GOT THE SHOT!!!
My Failure? Stay tuned...coming soon!

This was a great day...Chased the sunset and caught it!

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Phaedra Culley, Essential Journeys Photography

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