Friday, May 24, 2013

The Magic of Teens...

Teens: one of my favorite subjects to shoot.

So full of life, vitality, and energy! They range from shy, to elated, to withdrawn, to angry. 

No matter the mood, it is always authentic!

I have had the opportunity to shoot many teenagers (all 3 of my kids are teens)  this past couple of years, and every time it’s the most fun I have taking pictures. 

Whether it’s for their Senior portrait, graduation, prom, or they are modeling for me, it’s a blast! We laugh, have fun, and the photos turn out great.

Of course, my favorite locations are all outside. Natural light provides the best light! I have learned how easy it is to find a location to shoot outdoors, even when it seems like it’s not great.

I have shot at ponds, parks surrounded by houses where there is but one tree, streams, shacks, and abandoned warehouses.

I have learned that almost any background makes a great one, and it’s all about the angles, lighting, and proximity of the camera!
When I have the opportunity to combine teens with the outdoors, I obtain the most amazing and 

authentic pictures! I love how much fun they have in front of the camera. 

Of course, not all teens love the camera, but even those who don’t, when they are themselves, their photos still come out amazing.

I strive my best to never have someone try to be anything other than themselves… authenticity always finds and creates the best photos. 

I find backgrounds that suit their personality, talk to them to find out what they like. Guess what?

A cute smile is not always what makes the best picture! Sometimes it’s a smirk - or just a look. 
Either way, shooting teens is always a new experience, they teach me to think outside the box, and leave me a better photographer for it.

 ~ Capturing The Moment~

Phaedra Culley, Essential Journeys Photography

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