Friday, June 14, 2013

Expanding Myself, Learning Things, and Creating New Challenges!

Last night, I had the privilege of attending an amazing workshop, led by #Melissa Jill from #Melissa Jill Photography - "How to Develop a Loyal Blog Following!"

SO, over the next while, I will be trying new things, tweaking my blog, and sharing with you all!

Here is what I plan to do: Create goals and share them, share about each of my photo shoots, and the stories behind them, and share the tips and tricks I learn on the way -

I will also be migrating my blog to Wordpress soon (I have to learn how, first)...

Don't worry - I will still be including the Best Photo Places, but it is now going to be a Theme in my Blog - Look for it - Essential Journeys Photography - coming soon...

First Challenge: Blog EVERY DAY for 30 days - this is the 'formula' for making a new habit right? So - I am going to try it! I want you to take this journey with me - so I would love to hear what you would take on if your were going to do something for 30 days - share in the comments section!

So, I will be sharing my personal stories, my triumphs and tribulations, and my Favorite Photos with you all...I hope to 'see' you around, and please subscribe, 'like,' 'Plus One (+1), and 'Share' what you like!

My Kitchen This Morning
Ok - first things first - we just finished moving (My husband, 3 teens, 2 dogs, and 3 cats) to our new home! What an adventure, and how exhausting that is...BUT I am soooo happy to be back in Mesa, AZ and 30 minutes closer to everything in the Phoenix Area - If you are at all familiar with Phoenix, and know San Tan Valley, it is about 15 minutes SOUTH of Queen Creek! So, kind of between Nowhere and Tucson :)

Getting there...My Kitchen Now -
gotta start with the 'Heart of the Home, " right?

My Office Currently - Oh, boy!

Things are slowly but surely getting unpacked and moving along - Next Tackle: The OFFICE>>> Oh, wow - better get to work!
Thanks for Reading-

~Capturing The Moment~

For more on Melissa Jill, her blog, classes, and Photographer's resources:

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