Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dancing...Trying New Things!!

Selfie - me & my Hubby!!

So there I was at this workshop – called the Wisdom Course through #Landmark, and when we did an exercise with me in front of the room (I volunteered as someone who does NOT dance), I realized how uncomfortable I am in my own body when it comes to being in front of a crowd or having to be vulnerable. 

As I sat back down in my chair, I was shaking and sweating (even though according to others I did well) – it occurred to me… I am terrified if I
 (A). don’t feel like I know what I am doing, 
(B), if I have to rely on someone else, 
and (C), if it is something ‘feminine’ – not that I am completely not, I dress up, wear makeup, etc, but I feel much more in my element hiking, playing softball, skiing, etc.

When I realized how uncomfortable I was, I also realized this may getting in my way of expanding my business in photography – talking to clients, putting them at ease, and leading them in poses.

Here is what I decided to do about it: I decided I would have a breakthrough in movement, dance, and being vulnerable!

The AMAZING Parker-Swensens!

Tonite, my husband, #Nevin Culley and I went and took Tango lessons with friends of ours - #Andrea Parker-Swensen, and #Thomas Parker-Swensen!

What an amazing time we had – first I really wanted to chicken out – go see the new Superman movie instead…THEN, when I noticed others were wearing dresses, and I was in jeans, I felt SUPER self-conscious!! But – no chickening out for this chick – for $5 per person, we got an hour lesson, snacks, and another hour of open dance!! You can’t beat that for a date night!!I can’t wait to go back – and, this was on my goal list (which I have yet to post…soon, though)

~Capturing The Moment~

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