Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

Today, I Spent the day with family on Father’s day – Eating, laughing, talking, telling jokes and reminiscing! I have to admit, I enjoyed not packing, unpacking, organizing or cleaning today! 

I have the most amazing husband who is the father of my 3 amazing kids! +Nevin Culley makes me coffee every morning, and we sit together each day, talking, hanging out, reading or working out details of the day – today is Father’s day, so I brought him coffee, and we created cards together for the Father’s in our lives…what a great start to the day! I love the moments when we get to share in our creativity – my photography and his writing!
Here is the card and Nevin's writing:

You did This!
Over 48 years ago you started this family!
(with a little help, of course)

You have done nothing but the best for us ever since:

You put food on the table,
Taught us work ethics,
How to play sports
How to push through without quitting,
How to be tough (cause we’re a Culley),
Taught us the value of a good deal
and how to open our minds to new opportunities
To try new things and do our best
To never say no
But when we do, how to stand by that decision
Taught us to play AND to pay.

Thanks for making us a tough, proud, fun
And amazing Family!

Happy Father’s Day

His dad – where to begin with what an amazing man my father-in-law is – Loving, respectful, encouraging, teaching, always there with a good piece of advice – loves his family and his grand kids, and it shows every day!

My dad – +Jim Davis - the man who raised me – taught me to think before I act, That "Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want, good judgement comes from experience...which usually comes from BAD judgment" -  is always there to support and help, taught me about the outdoors – camping, hiking, and backpacking – taught me to cook. Instead of telling me not to do something, would say, "Are you sure that's the best idea you have ever had?" And, "No, I can't Make you...HOWEVER, I can make you WISH YOU HAD..." My dad, +Jim Davis has given me such a model to look up to and is one of my heroes! 

Happy Father's Day!

~Capturing The Moment~


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