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Introducing the Best Art Show in July: Flowers Flux Silence

Flowers Flux Silence 3rd Friday art show – final “show” but you can see the art until the end of July at Skyline Lofts, Downtown Phoenix in the Gallery. There will be a new show beginning August 2nd

Flowers Flux Silence – an amazing, intimate art show held in downtown Phoenix in the Gallery at Skyline Lofts Apartments, hosted and created by artists, +Sharri Weinberg  & Rebecca Langford, also featuring the Giclee work of Elizabeth Bayham, along with live painting with fellow artist, Jason Nye.

 When I first walked in, I felt a little shy with my camera, not sure if it would be welcome with the artists and the artwork. My breath was taken away by the amazing work of the three main artists, the bold colors and fluid work of Rebecca Langford, the intimate and heartfelt work of Sharri Weinberg, and the simple, clean zen-like work of Elizabeth Bayham. The Hors d'œuvres table was a work of art in itself – with delectable treats of strawberry, chocolates, fruit, cheese and crackers. Beautifully arranged and ready to sample.


Artwork by Rebecca Langford
Artwork by Jason Nye
Artwork on wall - Giclee work by Elizabeth Bayham

A perfect addition to the show was artist and painter Jason Nye. I had the privilege of speaking to him during the show, learning a little bit about his impressionistic style clearly influenced by greats such as Pollock, Monet, and Van Gogh.

Inspired by his grandmother at a young age, Nye aims to inspire others, especially young people. "If I can inspire a young person, the rest takes care of itself," is what he said when I asked about his art and work with children.

During visits to his grandmother’s house as a child, he enjoyed looking  through her art books – the first painter to really catch his eye was Picasso. He loved how the shapes gave the effect of “tricking the eye,” and became instantly fascinated. Other favorite and inspirational artists include the impressionist, Monet, the raw emotion of Van Gogh, Dali’s Surrealism, and the use of color and depth by Jackson Pollock.

Jason using the tool he created for his
"controlled splatter"

Nye’s style is a type of splattering, but controlled to give a 3-D style look that combines nicely with the soft, enticing scenic views and soft colors of Monet’s work. What he really appreciates about Pollock’s method is how it gives a depth of color not reached by simply using strokes. When he combines these techniques, it produces a whole method with traits of his own, creating a new style.

If you would like to see more of Jason Nye's work, or purchase a painting, you can contact him through his Facebook Page Here

**Artwork displayed is for sale**
If you want more information on how to purchase, contact me!

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