Sunday, July 7, 2013

Why Does a Photo Cost So Dang Much???

I hear this question a lot - although sometimes not out loud...a few months ago, I took this picture of a cross behind a church near where I live. It turned out great, and someone asked me how much I would charge for an 11x14 print of it. I hadn't expected the question - I actually had not even considered selling the print...

I quoted her $50 for it. She asked "Is that framed, or just the print??" I replied, "Just the Print, done professionally." She did not ask anything else.

Consider this: It took me about an hour to go take the photo. Then, it took about another hour to hour and a half in post processing to get the tones, lights, and shadows right. It costs me $15-$20 to have a print made from a professional printing company. Frames cost $15-$50 for low end. 

My Basic Costs

A print without a frame costs me about $25-$30 to make with shipping, printing out a cheap proof to double check color, tone, etc. 

That means I would make about $20 - this is $10/hour, right?

Well, not quite - gas money to find my location, camera equipment and lenses, along with software to make the pictures great! And this is for an unplanned outing to find a picture that doesn't involve people.

So, when booking a photographer for an event or just family pictures, think of this...


We have to scout a location (unless done in a studio), meet with the client (either in person or by phone), then get all the equipment set up, do the shoot (which is the easiest part of taking photos), break everything down then go through the photos, pick the best ones, send them to the client to be chosen, wait to hear back, finish editing, then print or place on a cd. 

But what about a studio?
Now, if it's done in a studio, great! Less time - but, we have to pay for that space - and the lighting, backdrops, and equipment. This can run anywhere from $70 - $200 for one session.

Will you come out for my event and take pics, then just give me the cd?
That shouldn't cost much...

If it's an event, for just two hours yes, we charge anywhere from $150-$300 depending on the type of event and the work involved. You see us for 2 hours, but it took at least 4 including travel, set up, etc. For big all day events such as weddings, major birthdays, bat mitzvah or bar mitzvah, it will cost you anywhere from $1,500-$10,000 depending on the photographer, and what's included in packages.


Remember, in most cases, you get what you pay for.

Now keep in mind, all of these dollar amounts don't include things like insurance, professional fees, taxes, etc.

So now you know...Why so much for just a 

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