Saturday, June 22, 2013

Moon Arizona - tonight's "Supermoon"

I heard about the "Super Moon" a couple of days ago, so I decided I would try to capture some great shots of it. First, I read an article, "How to photograph the supermoon" on Cnet - 

 Tonight, I got my tripod, my husband, my camera (which is my older Nikon, since I don't have a zoom for my Canon yet), my remote trigger, and headed out to San Tan Regional Park - for their "Moonlight Hike" with confidence!

 +Nevin Culley and I show up just before sunset, and start out with a group of approximately 50 people. In about 5 seconds, we are FAR behind them. At this point, I decide we should catch up, but there are so many shots to get...eventually, we realize that we are not going to make it to the rest of the group, and spend the entire 1.5 hours at the bottom of the hike taking photos!

Before we know it, 9:00 is quickly approaching (which is when the hike is supposed to end). I snap a few more shots and we head back the way we came, since we only went about .25 miles of a 2.2 mile hike - we make it back before the park closes and people start looking for us :)

Ok - photographing a full moon is much harder than you would think! It's SO bright, you have to have a very fast shutter speed 1/150-1/200, low aperture 1/10 -1/20 or so to prevent too much light - then, trying to get any foreground only works before the sun completely sets - Who knew? (Probably a lot of people, but not me). 

In taking these shots, I realize how much it is time to get to work on upgrading my equipment!

I had a few shots turn out, and the rest were over-exposed, under-exposed or too out of focus...

Tonight's photos did not turn out as easily or as great as I expected - I guess it's time to learn more, and upgrade my equipment!

When you take on something new, how do you react when it doesn't go exactly as planned?

If you took photos of the "SuperMoon," How~ did they turn out? If you would like to share, place the link in the comments box and what you used along with any other comments!


~Capturing The Moment~

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