Sunday, June 30, 2013

Me, My Camera, and the world through my lens.

Me, My Camera, and the world through my lens...


That is all that exists…when I am taking photos. If I am hiking, taking a picture of a beautiful flower, waiting for the perfect shot, or creating your portrait, that is all there is.

The ‘Noise’ in our lives… the worries, concerns, frustrations, to do lists, resignation, fears, comparing ourselves to others…all of that melts away and disappears when I am looking through my lens. 

In my mind is quiet peace, joy, creating beauty, and engaging with the person or subject I happen to be shooting at the moment.

This is what fulfills my heart and soul. This is my creation. 

The opportunity to capture the moment – that moment of tenderness between a couple in love.

The adoration plainly seen in a father’s eye for his new baby daughter. (A New Life Post) 

The complete elation in a ball game when the team scores,

the anticipation of launching into the water, waiting for the sound of the horn that says “GO”! At a swim meet. 

The moment of beauty created in the sky on fire during a sunset, or the waves crashing on the beach.

Friends enjoying the moment, having a great time.

These are the moments that make me a photographer, an artist; these are the moments I capture through my lens.

~Capturing The Moment~

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