Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tips For Getting a Better Head Shot

Does your professional photo say, “Come talk to me, I can help you with your needs?”

We all know it. Business is about connection. How do we connect with that potential client just through a photo?

Many times people and businesses find they can connect in person with a warm greeting and a friendly smile – but does your photo convey that, or does it say I am just like every other professional in the business?

Three tips for a better professional photo:

·         1. Get Close - if you are closer, it makes you more approachable.
o   when you seem far away from the camera,
    you seem far away from your client

o   Think about it, if you are in a room, and you
      see someone far away – are you more likely
      to approach that person, or someone who is closer?

o    If someone is far away with his or her arms folded,
     this is a ‘closed’ position, and does not 
     communicate, “Come talk to me.”

·   2. Connect with your photographer and make friends with the camera

o   Relax: One of the biggest mistakes people make is when they have a camera pointed at them, it can be scary, and they stiffen up.

o   Make friends: Talk to your photographer and ask about their business, tell about yours. Tell a funny story, this will help you relax.

·          3.  What to Wear:
o    Colors that express your personality (but make sure your background will contrast, be neutral, and won’t clash).

o   Consult with your photographer ahead of time to ensure you won’t clash

o   Keep it simple – not too many accessories or colors, you want your clients to see you first, not your outfit.

How to choose the right photographer:

·         Your photographer should be interested in connecting with YOU.

o   They ask you questions about your business, your life, etc.

o   He is able to easily engage in conversation and put you at ease

o   She makes you feel beautiful.

o   Even though the photographer is the expert and in charge, he or she should be willing to listen to your ideas – this is YOUR vision, after all!

Good Luck, and Happy Shooting!

~Capturing The Moment~

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