Thursday, June 27, 2013

G+ Guru? Not Yet, but Here is What I Accomplished Today...

Learning the Ropes:

As requested by +Dana Hastings, I am posting about getting my Google+ page set up AND WHY I would use it over Facebook.

It all started with my Google Search today: “How do I add people to my G+ page?” And today ended with me having built my G+ page, created my intro according to +Mark Traphagen's SEO article, connecting my website to my G+ Page (G+ asks you to ‘verify’ your website), and using code to place a +1 button on my site!

I am certainly fairly knowledgeable with computers, and learn what I don’t know quickly, but I have been putting this step off for a while, because I don’t know anything about coding and html. I host my website through Zenfolio, and a few weeks ago sent them an e-mail asking them how to place customized code on my home page (G+ provides the code, and tells you where to put it, so no actual coding needed). They said “Currently, you can’t unless you set up an external page, BLA BLA BLA!)

I will go into more detail about all of the ‘hows’ in a future blog. Today’s blog is about my accomplishment and WHY I PREFER GOOGLE+ TO FACEBOOK PAGES!

Several months ago, +Mark Traphagen  wrote an article called, “Your Google Plus Network Is More Powerful Than You Know,” and after reading it, I was completely sold on the idea of Google Plus!

Once I read that article by Mark, I started following him, and read several more. I started reading…and reading…and reading all about how to use Google+. When I first began, I was contacted by +Alex Garcia  who was helping people that were new to G+. Then communities was rolled out, and Alex started one called ‘New to Google+’ and I joined....
That's when I found this article:

Why the Google+ long game is brilliant, which is how I found Mark.

So, back to today and my search for adding people 
to my page – I had set it up, but didn’t really understand how or why to use it. I was trying to add more people, but didn’t know what I was doing, so plugged the search term directly into Google: How do I add more people to my g+ page?”

Suddenly I am reading an article by Mark Traphagen called Complete Guide to Optimizing Your Google Plus Brand Page – and I DID IT!!! I FIGURED OUT HOW TO CONNECT MY G+ PAGE TO MY WEBSITE!

Why I prefer G+ pages to Facebook:

This is pretty simple: Facebook contains my family, friends, extended family and their friends, and blocks me from really expanding my network of social media ( +Nicholas Pappagallo Jr can attest to this). In addition, Pages in FB are designed for you to pay fb for them to be effective.

Google+ integrates your personal profile with your G+ Page, allows you to link to your website, and optimizes you for ‘search (if you use the right keywords).’ G+ allows for more connections, therefore, expanding your social network.

I have connections through G+ all over the world where I learn about fashion, photography, cuisine, and more! Plus (pun intended), I can completely control the content my different circles see from my personal posts.

Content on G+ is much more interesting, global, and much less juvenile. It is also more designed for getting your name out there, and it’s easier.

Now, you may be thinking: but not as many people use it as FacebookTRUE, but that’s a good thing, because you can make your presence known more easily, be found in searches, and expand to circles and communities all over the world.

For What It’s Worth, that's my two cents on Google+ and Facebook - 

~Capturing The Moment~

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