Monday, June 24, 2013

Place of Beauty, Wonder...My Home.

Los Alamos, NM – one of my very favorite places! As a kid, I spent many days and hours hiking and exploring in Los Alamos. We always went to visit my Grandfather on Christmas, Thanksgiving, and sometimes to go skiing.

As a little kid, he did have a small TV, but it got terrible reception, and it was black and white. In short, there wasn't much to do, but explore. So explore I did. 

We always went on a hike the day of Thanksgiving and Christmas while the turkey was cooking, and since we stayed for a few days, there were daily family hikes(which are always referred to as a 'little walk') to different places, such as what we called “The Cave of the Winds,” the “Blue Dot Trail,” “Red Dot Trail,” “Box Canyon,” and others hikes ranged from 1 mile to 5 and sometimes more...

Now, as a parent, I take my kids on the annual 'walk.'

We live in Arizona, so it’s only about once a year that we make it up to Los Alamos. 

It’s always an opportunity for all of us to unplug, tune in, and spend time with each other (sometimes much to my kids’ annoyance at not bringing phones/electronics with us).

About 12 years ago, the landscape was significantly altered when the Cerro Grande Fire broke out, causing the loss of about 400 homes. 
My grandpa, Bill Davis and Hubby, +Nevin Culley 

The area in which we used to hike was so thick with trees, alive with wildlife, and just absolutely beautiful. 

Growth is slowly returning to the area, but it is a different place than it was. 

You can see almost the entire hill from the bottom to the top.

My Grandfather: retiree from LANL...
Bill Davis who still goes hiking at 87,
was on Ski Patrol until his late 70's,
And on Search and Rescue until his early 80's

Although it makes me sad to see the damage, when I look out from the mountain over the town, I remember, this is home. This is one of the most beautiful places.

I love it here.

~Capturing The Moment~

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